Rural Jordà

The house

Rural Jordà is a house with a lot of history. Strongly linked to the way of life in a Catalan farmhouse, it is a house that was formerly self-sufficient, that is, in addition to the usual rooms in a house, it had a great open fireplace, storage of rainwater with an internal deposit, together with a storage space under the house itself where food was kept at a constant cool temperature and away from the sun’s rays, an underground ceramic walled wine vat for the production of wines made from the crops of grapes located on the outskirts of the village of Rodonyà, a slaughter and salt-curing room for meat, different areas enabled as store rooms, coups for birds and stables for working animals.

Rural Jordà

Nowadays it is more common to find single-family housing but before in the same house different families could live together (parents and children lived together with grandchildren). Thus, everyone shared resources, food, and obligations in a small community. Currently, two families live in this house, and we share it with all those who want to stay in it. You will always be welcome! As well as your pets.
The facilities of the house have been modernized. However, most of the rooms have not been altered (you can see the ceilings with the original wooden beams). At the moment we can offer you the enjoyment of the common areas and comfortable living rooms, terrace / viewpoint from where you are able to observe a spectacular Rodonyà skyline , air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, as well as swimming pool, garden (lawn, tables, chairs, sun-beds, table tennis) and barbecue area for the summer months.

Rooms and Installations

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In the middle of the town, the house is full of comforts.