Rural Jordà

Environmental responsability

Path to autosustainability

Our idea is to transform our house into accommodation with total ecological awareness. It is a long road, but we are going in the right direction.
In February 2023 we started with the electricity supply through the production of solar energy on the roof of the house. In addition, all bulbs in operation are LED or low consumption, some with timers. The taps have an aerator filter. For long stays, we change the towels when the client requests it or when they have been used. We do the same with bedding.

We also have a biomass boiler that works with the waste wood from the agricultural work we do. The same logs can be found in the barbecue area.
Although not in its entirety, we do try to use local products and small producers. We are continuously studying new products that can go together to become part of our offer. At meals you can taste baked farm bread, extra virgin olive oil DO Siurana from the Pont de Armentera Cooperative, organic wine of our own production, etc.